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B'nei Mitzvah:  What to tell the office

Planning B'nei Mitzvahs is a lot of work! We're trying to make it easier below by listing items with those that need communication to the office earliest first.  For example, if you don't set an appointment to have flowers delivered, no one will be in the building to accept delivery.


reserve at least 1 month in advance

You may use Gloria Hall for a pre-B'nei Mitzvah dinner or a Saturday Kiddush for up to 1.5 hours at no charge, or up to 4 hours for $200. A rental contract is required, and you may be required to clean and re-set up the space after your event. Click here for more information on reserving and requesting setups.


Please let office know about delivery plans at least 1 week in advance. We have very nice artificial flowers on the bimah that you may use. About half our our B'nei Mitzvah families use these as pictured below.

There are two stands measuring 9" x 9". Flowers shouldn't be more than 23" tall.

If you would like to order special flowers or plants, please let us know at least a week before the event by clicking here (or e-mailing or calling the office ) with your name, name and phone number of florist, and if you will take the flowers home with you so we that someone will be here to receive your delivery! Delivery hours are by appointment, generally Friday 9:30am-12:30pm.Florists that often deliver to the Temple are:   Whispering Pines 914-248-7444, Country Florist 914-962-5741, Freyers 914-962-7484.


The B'nei Mitzvah family is expected to sponsor the Friday night oneg. Instructions are here . Rabbi Weiner generally opens the Temple 1/2 hour before the start of services, or food can be delivered during office hours(generally M-F 9am -1pm.) Many families use Patricia Minchalo to set up and clean up for Onegs and their dinners. Contact the office for her contact details. She can get into the Temple any time Please work out payment agreements between yourselves.



If you decide to order special ones for your event, please don't over-order. Feel free to leave a few in the basket for posterity, but please take the rest home with you along with any baskets. We have enough yarmulkes for 1,000 more years of services and have not found anywhere to donate extras.


Services start at 10:30am sharp and are over by 11:45am.

Please include directions to the Temple, including via train, especially if your guests include seniors or others who might not have GPS or computer access! We often get calls from guests asking for verbal directions and also have missed after-hours calls. Sample directions are here.

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