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Event Setup Request

Planning an event is stressful!  We are trying to make this part of it as easy as possible.  You can view pre-filled out setups below, and then submit your request.  Please be sure that requests are submitted online or received by the office at least one full week before your event (2 weeks for events with more than 90 attendees).   For rental or use of the Temple by individual members or non-members - please be sure that rental contract  and any required deposit and/or payment checks are received by the office at least two weeks before your event.

Click on setup diagrams below to view various setups. You can either print, fill out and send to office; or fill out form below.  If you are expecting 24 people, request 30 person setup.   You can easily remove any extra chairs, or leave them to allow people to choose seats.

Saturday events during Religious School year:  We regret that it is usually not possible to arrange for Saturday afternoon or evening custodian visits.  If there is religious school or another event the following day, you will need to arrange to cleanup after your event and to set up for religious school on Saturday using
this diagram (also below).


Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782