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We welcome you to Temple Beth Am. During these difficult times, we appreciate you choosing to be connected to our local Jewish community. We are working hard to keep all of our members connected, supported, engaged and educated, even if we are not physically together. We may be far from the borders of the “Promised Land,” but you can still be connected to the "tribe.” Commit to be part of Temple Beth Am because we are all stronger as one community.  If you would like to participate in one of our virtual services, classes or events, please contact us. 

See below for membership application

We are delighted that you want to join our Temple Beth Am Family.  If you do not want to fill out your application online, e-mail us at  or  call us at 914-962-7500 ext 1  and leave a message with your phone number and a time that we can call you (generally Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm) and we are happy to enter your application over the phone. It should take 5-10 minutes to complete.   You can also click here for a paper application that you can print, fill out and mail to us.
*children includes any children under the age of 26 who will be involved in Temple activities, such as religious school, youth groups and services.   
 Adult Contact Information: 
Primary Adult (Adult 1) Contact Information:  Please enter  here the information for the adult who is more likely to handle Temple and religious school communications. We will still send all requested communications to both adult members. 
Check as appropriate.  If you choose to not receive automated e-mails, you may check website for Weekly e-mails and Religious School news.

Secondary  Adult (Adult 2) Contact Information


Check as appropriate.  If you choose to not receive automated e-mails, you may check website for Weekly e-mails and Religious School news.
number street apt. no
Check as appropriate.  If you choose to not receive automated phone calls on any of your phones, you may miss calls about emergency closings, funerals and very special events.
Check if there are children in your family under the age of 26.
if you have more than 4 children please check "4 or more children" and contact the office later with information for your 5th and up children.
1st Child:
first and (if different) last name
2nd Child:
first and (if different) last name
3rd Child:
first and (if different) last name
4th Child:
first and (if different) last name
New members can choose their own dues!   In deciding your pledge, please keep in mind the cost to sustain the Temple is $2200 per member family.

For reference:  membership dues for our current members are:

Family: $2650, Single Parent Family: $2300, Young Family: $400, Single $1725
Senior Family: $1850, Senior Single: $1025 
enter above your pledge for membership dues for this year
If you would like to join, check to pay the annual membership fees for the Men's  Club and/or Sisterhood.  You can also join later.


   Kindergarten ($-125)
   Kindergarten for Young Family Membership category (no charge)
   Grades 1-7 ($850)
   Grades 8-9 ($450)
   Grades 10-12 ($100)

Use arrows to select number of children beyond the first child enrolled above  to enroll as appropriate above.DO NOT COUNT THE FIRST CHILD SELECTED ABOVE OR YOU WILL BE OVERCHARGED!   For example, if you are enrolling 2 children total in grades 1-7, the first child was selected in "select grade for 1st child" above, so select "1" next to Grades 1-7 above for the second child. The prices listed reflect the $400 instant rebate per additional child enrolled.

HIGH HOLY DAY signups will be sent separately this year once our plans have been finalized.

Check if you want us to publish and/or read names, and/or send you candles for the yahrzeits of loved ones. You can also send us this information later. We do appreciate it by the end of October if possible.
if you have more than 6 yahrzeits  please check "6 or more yahrzeits  and contact the office later with the information.
For each yarhzeit, please complete the below information.  If you choose, we will publish name(s) and read at services the Friday night following each yarhzeit date.  We can also mail you a reminder letter with a tin yahrzeit candle before a yahrzeit date.  If you do not know the complete dates, you can send this information in later.  If you choose to observe the Jewish date, we will calculate the proper date.   We are sure your  loved one is missed by everyone in your family, but please just list the single direct relationship.   If there is more than one direct relationship, please contact us and we will change the listing as appropriate.
ie mother, father, etc.
ie mother, father, etc.
ie mother, father, etc.
ie mother, father, etc.
ie mother, father, etc.
ie mother, father, etc.


In addition to our congregation-wide notices and weekly e-mails, would you be interested in receiving occasional e-mails regarding Temple events which are suited to your family's interests? Please check below all which apply to you and/or your partner. Initial e-mails from a checked interest group will be sent to all e-mail addresses associated with your membership; however, individuals may opt out of receiving e-mails at any time. Your e-mail address is safe with us and will not be shared externally.

Sign below then press submit on bottom. 

You will be directed to another page for payment options, and a final confirmation page. Your submission will not be saved until you complete both pages!  If you are enrolling children in religious school, you will also be directed to a religious school information page.

By checking the box above, I agree to pay all applicable dues and fees and to allow Temple Beth Am to use anonymous (unlabeled) photographs of myself and/or my family for use in publicity, publications and/or website unless I have notified the Temple in writing otherwise.


Tue, April 20 2021 8 Iyar 5781