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High HolY days

09/16/2015 01:22:48 PM


To My Beth Am Family,

There is nothing that says “High Holy Days” more than the wonderful smells of warm challah and sweet honey on the New Year’s dinner table. Challah and honey, could there be a better combination?
Jewish custom dictates that challah served during the New Year should be in the shape of a circle. The reason we do this is because when we see the shape, it reminds us that the cycles and rhythms of the year are without end. In doing that, we realize that we are on a journey, all of us, traveling from Winter to Spring to Summer to Fall, only to start the cycle over again.  A good round challah is not based on whether it is large or small, but whether it has scrumptious tastes inside. So too, a rich and meaningful life is not based on how many times we go through the cycles, but rather, on how enriching each of the cycles are as we travel on our journey.

Being the Rabbi of this community represents a sweet part of the metaphoric challah that is my life. This community enriches and broadens the meaning of my life and my family’s life. I enjoy sharing our simchas and even our tsuris (struggles). Being your Rabbi is an absolute honor and blessing because my life is intertwined with yours.
But this community is not solely about sharing in each other’s lives and celebrating simchas; we are about repairing this world as well as carrying on the customs and traditions of our heritage. Just like in previous years, I know we will work hard to improve not only our lives, but also the lives of others in the year to come. These lives might be in our own towns or they might be in towns halfway around the world. This is what it means to be Jewish and it is definitely what it means to be a part of Temple Beth Am.
So let me say at the beginning of this year, thank you for working to make this world a better place and thank you for being a blessing in my life and my family’s life. May you have a happy and healthy New Year.
Rabbi Robert Weiner

L'shanah Tovah To All!!!


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