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Security Update

06/11/2013 12:44:05 PM


Dear Fellow Temple Members,

In light of the recent unspeakable tragedy in Newtown, your Executive Board and Security Committee Chair thought it would be a good idea to reach out to everyone.

We want you to know that we relate to your feelings about everyone’s safety and as such want you to know that everything we can do is being done to bolster our mission of safety. The better news is that this started last year. The security team has devised and indeed had their feet on the ground in every facet of our community’s well being when it comes to this. As an example, while some outside entities have started to catch up to the idea that they must implement or improve school security, improve lock down procedures, etc., you would be glad to know that our religious school has basically had just that for the whole school year- you will note that some tangible differences have been in place regarding locked doors, a camera system and vetting entry for early dismissal for instance. Other tangible examples include outside building lighting, minimizing foliage around the building (with more to come), control of unauthorized building access and more. Implementations that will soon take place include enhanced human and electronic coverage and building access. Members of your Security Committee have attended classes to further educate themselves on procedures and there will be more training to come. We have also gained a cohesive working relationship with other security organizations that provide assistance.

Unknown to most of you have also been intangible, behind the scenes, and indeed secret security protocols carried out at all events and functions. Rest assured that we have bolstered High Holiday services, and every community function held, to the degree that has never been done before. This has been carried out by the Security Committee and coordinated with Police officials. Private, special needs have also been handled without bringing attention to the situation.

Many protocols are now carried out, and in such a way that does not interrupt the normal business of the Temple. Just this last week, we had extra eyes and ears stationed both conspicuously and inconspicuously at the religious school and at services. While I bring this to light, you should know that this protocol is actually not that far a departure from what is now considered our normal course of business.

In summation, you should know that our community is being looked after and protected as well as can be expected and in ways that exceed expectation. You should be confident that you have a highly dedicated team that while relatively new, has made great, proactive strides for everyone. This concern is paramount to the Executive Committee and is an ongoing process that does not rest.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, ideas, or wants to join the Security Committee, please contact Andy Polay, the Security Committee Chair.

Tue, October 22 2019 23 Tishrei 5780