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Religious School News

04/25/2013 08:31:12 PM


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April 24, 2013                                                                                                                          14 Iyar 5773



Remaining First Grade Parent Education days:

                                April 28                       May 12




Sunday, April 28:  Some of our seventh graders will be having a bake sale for Relay for Life.  Please send money!

Sunday, April 28, Lag B'Omer celebration and the opening of our 5th and 6th Grade Camp TBA Experience.  This year, we will be holding a school-wide Maccabiah, and our teams will be playing for tzedakah!  The winning team will earn money each week for the charity of their choice.  We need sponsor families!!  If your family would like to donate $18 for one of the weeks, you can sponsor this year's TBA Tzedakah Maccabiah.  Please note that we can have more than one sponsor family each week.  This is a wonderful event, but the games cannot proceed without your help! Please send the money in an envelope labeled Maccabiah to school.


Thursday, May 9, 5:30-7:30:  Rosh Hodesh for participating 7th grade girls.

Tuesday, May 14, 7:30:  Congregation-wide Shavuot celebration and confirmation.

Important information:


Please do NOT start lining up your cars until 10 minutes before dismissal.  Our dismissal line makes it difficult for cars to pass, and our neighbors are complaining.



          Grade 4 - 4x; Grade 5 - 5x; Grade 6 - 6x; Grade 7 - 7x


SNOW-DAY MAKEUPS:  There WILL be Religious School on Thursday, May 16 (7th Grade ONLY) and on Wednesday, May 22, for Grades 2-4.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Sunday, June 2, Israel Day Parade!

BAKITAH:  What's going on in our classrooms?

Each week, we will try to give you a brief summary of what each class has been doing recently.  We welcome you to discuss these topics with your children and, of course, feel free to enhance their learning with your own input.  We hope you enjoy it! 


Grade 2 (Mrs. Young):   Reviewed Alef-Bet thru Final Fay using flash cards.  Learned Tsadee and Final Tsadee (ts as in matza).  We also took a trip to Israel and did a little sightseeing.  We learned about some highlights for different locatins and learned how Israel celebrates Yom Ha'Atzmaut.

Grade 2 (Morah Elizabeth):  Celebration of Israeli Independence Day: created Israeli flags as mosaics, practiced writing Hebrew alphabet and made freedom collages.

Grade 3 Chai (Mrs. Wilbur):  We discussed Israel's birthday and shared Israeli salad with pita.  Rachel told us that her mom was born is Israel.

Grade 4 Chai (Mrs. Burns):  We went over some of the mitzvot that are in our Torah.  We talked about how important it is to do mitzvot as easy as Shalom Bayit.  We did a worksheet to compare the mitzvot.


Mrs. Usen:  Tonight we began with seeing how many letters and vowels each child remembers.  We then reviewed all letters and vowels.  The "sin" was introduced.  We then decoded simple words. 

Mrs. Rosenberger:  Today the students took an assessment for placement in next year's Hebrew classes.  Then they continued working in their books.  In place of tefilah, we had a celebration in Gloria Hall for Israel's birthday.

Ms. Lerner:  Gave Hebrew exam of letters and vowels; continued to work in books and binders.


Grade 7 – 

Mrs. Gartner/Ms. Lerner/Max:  All three classes worked together in preparing Israeli falafel and salad.  The students chopped, cut, mixed and devoured the yummy salad while listening to Israeli music.


Grade 5 Chai (Mrs. Rosenberger):  This week we talked about prophets and social action.  Reform Judaism emphasizes social justice and the prophetic vision.  If you were a prophet, what do you think G-d would want you to do?  What would you do to solve any of our world problems?  What are values?  Without values, what happens in our world?

Grade 6 Chai (Mrs. Wilbur):  Yetzer Hara vs. Yetzer Hatov.  Within each and every individual there is the potential of making a choice to do evil or to do good.  We gather and process all we learn from our family, friends, teachers, coaches and others we encounter in order to help us with our choices throughout our lives.  Fabulous discussion and sharing between students, followed by a brief story and question period.

Cooking (Mrs. Young):  "Eve: The Apple of Adam's Eye."  Baked apple a la mode.  We had a discussion about temptation and peer pressure.  We discussed how the story of Adam and Eve and its lessons have transcended through time.

Jewish Short Stories (Max for Ms. Lerner):  Today we read a "choose your own ad­venture" book called The Cardinal's Snuffbox.  The book is set during the Spanish Inquisi­tion and the students pretended to be a Jewsih family deciding how to deal with the Inquisi­tion.

Israel (Mrs. Burns):  Getting ready for the Maccabiah games!  We got our textbooks and looked for questions and answers reviewing our lessons of the year.  Then we had an Israeli salad and discussed our answers.

Hebrew -

Cantor Jamie for Ms. Lerner:  Students continued to work on Mitkadem.  Some students read individually as part of our ongoing Hebrew evaluation. 

Mrs. Rosenberger:  Students continued working at their own paces on Mitkadem.  Some students read aloud to me.  Students who were absent last week took their assessment test.

Mrs. Wilbur:  We continued working on V'ahavta which we are reading (without transliteration), syllable-by-syllalble, word-by-word.

Mrs. Young:  Review, review, review.  All letters and vowels have been taught.  We are practicing with flash cards and Lessons 19, 20 and 21 of the textbook Alef Bet Quest.

Mrs. Goren:  We learned how to identify parts of the body in Hebrew.  We exercised by dancing and playing games. 

 -- Mazel Tov to our April B'nei Mitzvah --

Bobby Gevanthor ♦ Danielle Sharp ♦ Jordan Grossberg


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