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Religious School News

04/11/2013 07:24:15 PM


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April 10, 2013                                                                                                                   30 Nisan 5773


Friday, April 12, 5:30:  Welcoming Shabbat.  Join Rabbi and Ellen Weiner for a fun and fabulous Shabbat experience for your children and their families.  Please RSVP to Ellen at

Friday, April 12, 8:00:  Teacher Appreciation Shabbat Service.  Please join us as we say thank you to our amazing Religious School teachers!

Remaining First Grade Parent Education days:

                                April 28                       May 12

Sunday, April 28, we will be starting our 5th and 6th grade Camp TBA Experience.  This year, we will be holding a school-wide Maccabiah, and our teams will be playing for tzedakah!  The winning team will earn money each week for the charity of their choice.  We need sponsor families!!  If your family would like to donate $18 for one of the weeks, you can sponsor this year’s TBA Tzedakah Maccabiah.  Please note that we can have more than one sponsor family each week. Please send the money in an envelope labeled Maccabiah to school.


Please do NOT start lining up your cars until 10 minutes before dismissal.  Our pick-up line makes it difficult for cars to pass, and our neighbors are complaining.

THERE IS NO KINDERGARTEN ON APRIL 28 (there was an error on the calendar). 

SNOW-DAY MAKEUPS:  There WILL be Religious School on Thursday, May 16 (7th Grade ONLY) and on Wednesday, May 22, for Grades 2-4.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Sunday, June 2, Israel Day Parade!

BAKITAH:  What's going on in our classrooms?

Each week, we will try to give you a brief summary of what each class has been doing recently.  We welcome you to discuss these topics with your children and, of course, feel free to enhance their learning with your own input.  We hope you enjoy it! 


Grade 2 (Mrs. Young):  (1) We reviewed Alef through Final Nun; we learned two new letters -- Samech and Ayin; (2) we started Chai - Exodus - continued with discussing Moses and how G-d was revealed; and (3) we discussed being a leader not a follower, doing the right thing even if others are not (Yom HaShoah as a subject, but did not discuss the Holocaust).

Grade 2 (Mrs. Russell):  We are working on our Hebrew letters.  This week we created them using yarn.  We also read several picture books about slavery and the Egyptian Jewish slaves and talked about freedom and brainstormed wants vs. needs.

Grade 3 Chai (Mrs. Wilbur):  Read Eve Bunting's Terrible Things, an allegory of the Holocaust.  Our discussion was about prejudice and about learning not to make a decision about anyone without really getting to know them first.  "Don't judge a book by its cover" ultimately led to finding something positive in the negative.  From the story we learned that we should stand up for what we believe and stand up for others and their beliefs if we want to be able to have our own beliefs respected by others.

Grade 4 Chai (Mrs. Burns):  We began our third chapter of our text "G'milut Chasadim."  We learned of peacemakers, made a chart of peacemaking, and told stories from the Torah, i.e., Aaron as a peacemaker.  Then we worked on our text.  Some of the students used their text, their own imagination and created an art of peace on rainbow paper.


Mrs. Usen:  We introduced the letter Fay.  We also reviewed all vowels and consonants learned so far.  We also decoded simple words with these sounds.

Mrs. Rosenberger:  Students continued working in their Mitkadem workbooks.  They read aloud weekly and work at their own paces within the program.

Ms. Lerner:  Everyone completed a sheet that evaluates what they know at this point.  This sheet contained the sounds of the letters and the meaning and transliteration of a few words.


Grade 7

Mrs. Gartner/Ms. Lerner:  We joined classes, had pizza and continued watching the documentary “Paper Clips” as part of our discussion of the Holocaust.

Mr. Tortorello-Allen:  We finished our study of the Torah unit with summarizing skits of the Cain/Abel story.


Grade 5 Chai (Mrs. Rosenberger):  This week we discussed Israel as a modern place; who lives there, what it looks like (buildings, grass, plants - even though it is a desert).  We also talked about the terms exiled, diaspora, Canaan, Zion and Palestine.  We identified some statements from Jewish text as being about the time of G-d's promising the land, the time of exile, the time of return or just a general statement.

Grade 6 Chai (Mrs. Wilbur):  We read the Holocaust chapter in Let Freedom Ring, a sixth grade textbook of history of the Jews in the U.S. and discussed Yon HaShoah.  Some class­mates spoke of grandparents who had been in the war.

Cooking (Mrs. Young):  Today's theme was Sarah and what she served when G-d visited her.  We prepared filled pita pockets using hummus, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and lettuce.

Jewish Short Stories (Ms. Lerner):  The kids were to read their stories that they wrote:  take a bible story and rewrite it by leaving the theme but changing any other part of the story.

Israel (Mrs. Burns):  We discussed dilemmas in the Israeli political system.  How might there be a conflict between a Jewish state and a democracy?  We read an article about an Arab wanting to become Prime Minister of Israel.  Also, we learned about democracy, since our Torah asks in Samuel 8:4-5, 11-17 for a leader who would not dictate.  Finally, we learned of Benjamin Netanyahu "bibi," plus the different parties in Israel.

Hebrew -

Ms. Lerner:  We did a review assessment to see each student's progress to date.

Mrs. Goren:  We talked about how Holocaust remembrance is observed in Israel.  We also talked about Yad Va-Shem and included a Hebrew song.

 -- Mazel Tov to our April B'nei Mitzvah --

Bobby Gevanthor ♦ Danielle Sharp ♦ Jordan Grossberg


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