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Religious School Weekly News

03/14/2013 07:33:07 PM


 March 14, 2013                                                                                                         3 Nisan 5773



Thursday, March 14, 5:30-7:30: Rosh Hodesh for participating 7th grade girls.


Thursday, March 14, 6:00:  Confirmation Pizza Night.  Please remember to bring your instrument if you have one.

Remaining First Grade Parent Education days:
                                April 28                       May 12

School Pesach Celebrations (see below for more details):

    Kindergarten    -    Sunday, March 17
    Grades 2-4   -    Wednesday, March 20
    Grades 5-6    -    Sunday, March 17


Important information:

Please note that there will be NO early pickups after 5:55 on Wednesdays, after 11:40 on Sundays or after 7:10 on Thursdays. If your child needs to leave  early, you must come before these times. After that, you will need to wait on our normal pick up lines.

Please follow these directions for approaching our building and lining up:

1.  Turn on to Moseman from Hanover.  Moseman is the second block past Church, heading away from Yorktown.

2.  Follow Moseman to Summit Street. 

3.  Turn right onto Summit Street

4.  When you reach our building,  please pull all the way up to the end of our pick-up area. 

This will avoid having cars backed up onto Hanover. If possible, try not to start lining up until 10 minutes before dismissal.

As always, please avoid blocking our neighbor's driveways!

Upcoming First Grade Parent Education days:

                        April 28                       May 12

School Pesach Celebrations:

Kindergarten/Grade 1:  These teachers will communicate directly with parents.  You may also contact them if you have any questions.

Grades 2-4 (March 20, 5:15 p.m.):  All parents are invited to join us.  VOLUNTEERS ARE ALSO NEEDED TO HELP SET UP AT 4:15.  Please let us know if you can help.


        Grade 2 (Mrs. Young):                           One box of matzoh

        Grade 2 (Morah Elizabeth):                  Parsley

        Grade 3 (Chai first):                              One bottle of grape juice

        Grade 3 (Hebrew first):                        Charoset (please label if nut free)

        Grade 4 (Chai first):                              One can of macaroons

        Grade 4 (Hebrew first):                        One dozen hard-boiled eggs

        Grades 5-6 (last names A-C):            One box of matzoh

        Grades 5-6 (last names D-G):           One bottle of grape juice

        Grades 5-6 (last names H-M):           Charoset (please label if nut free)

        Grades 5-6 (last names N-R):           One dozen hard-boiled eggs

        Grades 5-6 (last names S only):       One can of macaroons

        Grades 5-6 (last names T-Z):            One dozen hard-boiled eggs

The school will provide horse radish (and parsley for Grades 5-6).

Todah Rabbah 
✡    To our Religious School Committee for putting together our amazing Purim Carnival
✡    To all of the parent and student volunteers who helped make it a fantastically fun morning!

 -- Mazel Tov to our March B'nei Mitzvah -- 
Gabriel Vieira ♦ Marlee and Emma Georger ♦ Katie Goldberg


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