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02/13/2013 11:18:03 AM


              RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
                  WEEKLY NEWS
                                        February 11, 2013       1 Adar 5773

RS Office Hours:  Wednesdays 4-8PM; Thursdays 5-8PM; Sundays 8:30AM - 12:30PM


Thursday, February 14, 5:30:  Rosh Hodesh for participating Seventh Grade Girls.
Friday, February 22:  Sixth Grade Rosh Hodesh Dinner, Meeting and

Oneg.  Please contact Jen Spitz for details at



Purim Carnival for All Ages - Sunday, February 24

11:00 am - 1:00 pm (Kindergarteners and 1st Graders will attend at 10:30 am).  No parent education on Feb. 24.  Volunteers are welcome for Purim Carnival setup!

Join us for games, costumes and lunch! We will be collecting a $5 voluntary family donation for admission and will be charging a modest fee for food (all food items will be sold for less than $2 each).


Important information:

Please note that there will be NO early pickups after 5:55 on Wednesdays, after 11:40 on Sundays or after 7:10 on Thursdays. If your child needs to leave  early, you must come before these times. After that, you will
need to wait on our normal pick up lines.


Please follow these directions for approaching our building and lining up:

1.  Turn on to Moseman from Hanover.  Moseman is the second block past Church,
heading away from Yorktown.

2.  Follow Moseman to Summit Street. 

3.  Turn right onto Summit Street

4.  When you reach our building,  please pull all the way up to the end of our pick-up area. 

This will avoid having cars backed up onto Hanover. If possible, try not to start lining up until 10 minutes before dismissal.

As always, please avoid blocking our neighbor's driveways!

Todah Rabbah to:

  • Leah Bramson and Joy Schneider for organizing our wonderful Sixth Grade dinner on February 1.
  • Carol Lerner for helping our Seventh Graders to create their own recycling program and bins.


Upcoming First Grade Parent Education days:       March 10                      April 28                       May 12

From the Rabbi's Desk:

There is a beautiful and exciting thing that is happening around our synagogue, but many people do not even know what it is. We are being invited to participate in a Jewish value every time we enter into our building, but many don't even know that we are being called to per­form such a task.  All one has to do is see the beautifully designed boxes in Gloria Hall to know that recycling has finally arrived! The seventh graders have taken it upon themselves to enable all of us to perform the Jewish value of bal tashchit - do not be wasteful.

Thanks to our wonderful seventh graders, we have a functioning and amazing recycling program

At the end of the Torah, the Israelites are told that when they enter a new city, they may not cut down any of the fruit bearing trees. From this simple verse, our sages derive the commandment “not to be wasteful” of anything in our lives. The true meaning behind this action is that we learn to value all of existence. In doing that, we become humble, realizing that everything has a purpose. Further­more, we become partners with God as we stop wasting God's creations.

Let us all participate in our recycling program by not being wasteful. Whether we see papers, plastics, or glass, please place these things into our recycling bins. The seventh graders are encouraging us to participate in the Jewish value of bal tashchit – not to be wasteful. Let us answer their call. This is a simple and beautiful way to help our environment, as well as engage in a spiritual connection with God's creations.

Thank you seventh graders and your teachers,

Rabbi Robbie

Mazel Tov to our February Bar Mitzvah

Evan Kader

Questions?  email Cantor Jamie Tortorello-Allen

Rabbi Robert Weiner
Jay Gussak, President
Rachel Silva, Religious School Committee Chair                                                      
Jolie Levy, Religious School Administrator
Julie Woogen, Temple Administrator



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