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Men's club

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Monthly Meeting, 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm at the Temple in Gloria Hall unless noted otherwise on the calendar.


Vision:  Friendships are made here!  The Temple Beth Am Men's Club offers the opportunity to expand one's circle of friends, to support each other, to get involved in Jewish affairs, and to contribute to our Congregational community. 

Purpose: Our primary purpose is to provide social, educational, cultural and spiritual opportunities for the men of Temple Beth Am, as well as for the broader community. While we provide opportunities for men in our congregation to gather together for fellowship, recreation, personal growth and mutual support, we also work to support the mission, services and activities of the Congregation. 

Our Four Pathways to Community

The Temple Beth Am Men’s Club is an auxiliary organization, with leadership separate from that of the Temple at large. We devote most of our time and resources to activities in these four areas:

1.      Social interaction among the men of the congregation in order to build friendships among men and their families in support of our objective of building Jewish "Community" among our members.

2.      Intellectual interests of men in the Congregation. We will program for the unique needs and interests of men, being sensitive to the role men play in modern American families, congregational life, and in Jewish family life.

3.      Spiritual interests of men in the Congregation. These spiritual interests are founded in our Jewish traditions, but open to modern approaches to spirituality, especially men's spirituality, as well as to our non-Jewish members.

4.      Deeds of kindness and tikkun olam - working to serve and improve our congregation.

Officers & Committee Members

President:  Allan Goldberg
Vice President & Recording/Communications Secretary:  Steven Shapiro
Vice President & Treasurer:  Lee Kader

Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781