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Long Range Planning

01/04/2013 10:14:31 AM


Read our 2011 Five Year Plan

The mission of the Long Range Planning Committee is as follows:

"The Long Range Planning Committee shall have the responsibility of creating and actively maintaining a comprehensive and achievable long range plan for Temple Beth Am. This plan will project three, five and ten plus years into the future and encompass physical space requirements as well as remain aligned with the goals of the spiritual, educational, social and community based aspects of Temple life. This committee’s goal will be to provide and preserve a solid foundation to enable Temple Beth Am to continue to serve as a vibrant part of the Jewish community in the Northern Westchester area well into the future."

In 2010 the Long Range Planning Committee conducted a congregational survey. The survey responses indicate a high level of satisfaction among our Temple membership. The survey results along with input from the clergy, the Religious School Director, the Board of Trustees and the Long Range Planning committee members were used as input to the first section of our plan, The Temple Beth Am Current to Five Year Plan, which was finalized and published in 2011.  This portion of the plan provides guidance and recommendations which will build upon our successes as we move forward during the next few years.  Work on the second section of the plan is currently in progress.  This section will address the five to approximately ten year future timeframe.


For more information on Long Range Planning, contact Ken Usen.

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