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 Event request

Thank you so much for planning an event.  Your hard work and dedication make Temple Beth Am a vibrant, active and fun community.   We want to make it as easy as possible for you to plan your event, by including in the event planning form below everything you always wanted to know about planning an event here.  If it seems like a lot of questions to think about,  it is because we have tried to put in one place everything you will need to plan, publicize, get participants signed up, and finally, have your event.


Before filling out the form  below - check the following links and deadlines

1. Check the calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts with the date/time/place of your event.

2. If you will need Gloria Hall set up by the custodians, please complete an online or paper setup request here and submit  to the office at least 7 days before the event.

3. If you will need checks to pay for catering, setup, etc., be sure to get a reimbursement request to the office at least 7 days before the check is required (12 days if you need it mailed.)

4.  Click here to see how to get your event publicized at the Temple.

5. You can either fill out the form below, or click here for a paper form.

No more than 25 characters. 

Enter brief description for the website. If you requested a flyer from Communications, please let us know here.

First check the calendar to make sure there are no conflicts

e.g. 11:30am

Required by the system. Estimate if necessary.  Times can be changed later as requested. e.g. 2pm

Committee and/or budget line sponsoring. paying for and/or collecting money for this event.  We cannot set up this event without an actual budget line.  If you are not sure, please check with the treasurer or president.

If at Temple, room(s) event needs.  If outside Temple - name and full address of place including zip code.

If you need programs copied, supplies ordered, or other support for your event, please describe briefly above and give notice of at least two weeks.

Check if you need building cleaned and/or setup for your event.  If a special custodian visit is required, we need notice of at least 10 days; there may be a charge for this. Submit setup diagram to office at least 7 days before event.  If your event is on Sunday or Thursday within two hours after the end of religious school, it may be difficult for us to arrange for cleaning during this narrow time window. 

Events scheduled for Saturday after 1pm, or Monday thru Wednesday during school year will need cleanup (including throwing garbage in outside dumpster) and restoration of any classroom setups.  You may cleanup yourselves, or check if you will need us to arrange for the custodians to clean. There may be a charge for this.

To allow checks, state in your publicity that checks and registration info must be mailed to the office at least 5 days before the event registration deadline. If you also will allow at-the-door registration and payment, please try to collect cash instead of checks and deliver sorted bills (no coins) and any checks in alphabetical order by last name to the office.


Registration date publicized in any communications about this event.

We understand that registration deadlines are frequently extended. This date should reflect the absolute latest deadline you will be able to honor. It will be hidden from public view and set in the system as the last day to allow online registration. Please set it if there is ANY chance you will extend the registration deadline as it is difficult to reset deadlines in the system. If this date is the same as the published registration deadline, be sure your publicity makes it clear that the registration date is a firm date and will not be extended.

You will automatically be emailed each time someone registers for this event to give you a general sense of registrations. The event system will generate a spreadsheet with all registration information which the office will email to you weekly or upon request.

for example:  "women grades 7 and up"

List any other information needed from registrants (for example, food allergies, items to be brought, etc.)

Member Prices 

Either enter or  scroll down to select the correct price below for each appropriate category.  More complex pricing can be entered on the bottom of this form - enter what you can here and also use the "More Payment Amounts" section to describe any additional prices.

If coordinating with Child Care Chair to provide babysitting, enter per family charge(usually $5)

If any child prices - enter youngest age charged. For example, if up to age 2 is free or not admitted, enter "2" here.


                                                  More Payment Amounts

Enter  above  any payment categories and prices that cannot be entered in the member and non-member price section. Use the format:  1st description of category:price, 2nd description of category:price, etc.  For example:

table of 10: $100, grand sponsor: $500


Mon, November 12 2018 4 Kislev 5779