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Congregational Announcements Managed by Corresponding Secretary


Procedure for Submitting Communications Requests:

  1. All announcements submitted for publication must be authorized by sponsoring Committee Chair. 
  2. Flyer requests should go to the Public Relations Chair (Laura Wurzel) prior to submitting to Corresponding Secretary.
  3. All final drafts should go to the Executive Board contact (Doree Green) for review and publication.  The Corresponding Secretary will forward to The Temple Beth Am Office as necessary.  The Corresponding Secretary manages publication requests.

Types of Communications:

♦  Board Member On the Bima (BOBi) Announcements: Delivered by Board Member during
    Friday-Evening Services

♦  Flyers: Posted in glass case by Gloria Hall, distributed in weekly e-mail to congregation, and
    published to Temple Beth Am Website (also may be posted under specific committee-website

♦  Weekly e-mails:  Monday e-mails distributing general Temple Beth Am events; links to flyers
   and/or “Event Management” online feature which also tracks payment and/or RSVP
    responses to attend an event – best to post with plain text vs. flyer so information is legible)

♦   Direct e-mails to Congregants: Flyers or text e-mailed to each congregant e-mail address

♦   Committee-generated E-mails: Committee Chair maintains their own e-mail distribution list
     (e.g. e-mail addresses obtained during committee events via sign-in sheet) and sends e-mails
      at their discretion

Optimal Submission Deadlines:



Mon, November 11 2019 13 Cheshvan 5780