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Coffee with the Rabbi

wine with weiner: Uncorking Timely Issues


                            Second and Fourth Thursdays of each month at 7:45pm

The events going on around us evoke more questions than answers.  To help make sense of timely topics, Rabbi Robbie has engineered Wine with Weiner, discussions geared to help illuminate issues on our minds in a collaborative, relaxed environment.

Each lively semi-monthly installment has been well-attended. Recently tackled were the spiritual and moral challenges faced when making life and death decisions for close relatives.  Also discussed were difficulties suffered by those in the midst of Europe's rising wave of anti-Semitism, and whether fleeing is a cop-out to standing up to the lunacy.  Share a glass!  Future installments of Wine with Weiner promise vintage success!  For more information, contact Rabbi Robbie at

Upcoming Wine with Weiner Session Notes


Shalom all,


Thursday , March 23 is going to be our next Wine With Weiner session. I look forward to seeing you there.


While there is a lot going on, I also wanted to throw out the idea of talking about some of the cool and interesting lessons found in the Haggadah. Since this is going to be our last time together before the Seder, I thought we could take a few moments to chat, learn, and share thoughts about the holiday and Seder night. Feel free to bring a Haggadah and share some of your favorite moments/lessons.


I hope you can make it.


Rabbi Robbie



Rabbi Weiner

Sun, 30 April 2017 4 Iyar 5777